My turn: Leaders need to share all information to make progress toward clean water

I suppose we shouldn't assume, but I do believe that our local and state leaders have the same goal in making sure our water is safe and clean for folks living in this area to use.

So, it's confusing to me to once again see the news this week that the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is having to make public records requests to the state to get information about what's in our water.  And it's not the first time. This is their second attempt since the state didn't fully comply with a request from June.

That was months ago.

I find this situation disturbing.  Our state leaders don't appear to have the same urgency as those living here and faced with the decision on whether to drink the water they're already paying for or shelling out more of their hard-earned money for bottled water.

Perhaps if this contaminated river water flowed into the Governor's Mansion we'd hear a different tune.

We have leaders in this community and leaders we've selected to represent us on the state level. Both need to have ALL of the information at their disposal to make sure we are getting answers and making progress on that assumed common goal of clean water.

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