My turn: Prescribing painkillers is a balancing act

This country is in a painkiller crisis right now.  So many families are affected by the crippling addiction to opioids that it's becoming less and less surprising to hear about overdoses or other consequences related to the addiction.

That's why it's heartening to see the news out of New Hanover Regional Medical Center this week that they will start limiting the prescription of these opioids under stricter guidelines.  It makes absolute sense.

I realize it's a balancing act getting these painkillers into the hands of people who rely on them for pain management and keeping it out of the hands of people susceptible to abuse. But we have to try.  By prescribing lower dosages and limiting the numbers of pills being handed out, New Hanover is making an effort to curb the circumstances that lead to addiction.

There will be more guidance to come and new efforts to get a handle on this. And hopefully, someday we will be talking about the success of all parties involved that are working together to solve this terrible crisis.

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