CFPUA shares details of new water treatment technologies

CFPUA shares details of new water treatment technologies
(Source: WECT)
(Source: CFPUA)
(Source: CFPUA)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some GenX is still getting through new water treatment systems being tested by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

In a Friday afternoon email update, CFPUA said after a month of pilot testing of granular activated carbon and ion exchange technology at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant that small traces of GenX could be detected beyond the granular activated carbon filtration unit.

GenX, an unregulated compound that was discharged into the Cape Fear River by the Chemours Company at its Fayetteville Works site, has not been detected in water samples treated by ion exchange units.

CFPUA said more data is needed before any final conclusions can be made on the effectiveness of these filtration systems.

"The time frame for breakthrough is important to the testing process because it gives staff an idea of how often filter materials would need to be replaced if the technology were to be permanently installed at the plant," the release stated. "The replacement rate has an impact on project design and cost. Once the testing process is complete, CFPUA staff will work with Black & Veatch (an engineering firm) to analyze all of the pilot test data and make a recommendation for the best path forward."

For more information on the Sweeney pilot test, click here.

Also included in Friday's update were the most recent GenX testing results from the Sweeney plant.

From Sept. 1-Oct. 2, testing revealed that GenX levels were never higher than 47 parts per trillion. The NC Department of Health and Human Services has set a health goal of 140 ppt.

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