My turn: Getting Apple to show customer loyalty

It's not time to let your guard down just yet. Hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts until the end of November, and while we may be coming off the peak of the season, it's never too late for some Fall activity in the tropics.

With this in mind, I'd like to draw your attention to some discussion about cell phone companies enabling the FM chips inside our smartphones. This would allow us to pick up the local FM radio stations and could provide life-saving information during times of disaster.

Yes, smartphones have apps for that, including the WECT weather app, but the FM radio chip is another option for delivering emergency information. We need the extra backup because you never know what infrastructure will be damaged during a bad storm.

Recently the FCC chairman urged Apple to turn this function on in its iPhone. Apple appears to be the only company not willing to offer this service. I believe their only reason is that they can't make any money offering this valuable service to their customers because it is free.

This is where public pressure needs to come into play to get companies like Apple to react. Apple needs to show its loyal customers that it cares about them personally and not just their bottom line.

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Granted, Apple created an empire.

No other company provides consistent, competent customer service at stores, on line or by cell phone!