Learn about Wilmington's haunted places on a ghost tour

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - There's no better time of year to take a tour of Wilmington's spooky past.

The Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington will take brave souls on a mile and a half walk through some of the most haunted places in and around downtown Wilmington.

Jamey Stone took us to one stop on the tour, near Dock and Third streets.

Stone shared the story of Llewellyn Markwick, who in the 1760s, was one of the most wealthy men in Wilmington.

One night, Markwick disappeared, but his horse, who was known for heading back to the stables without him, made it back.

"Imagine the richest guy in town missing and his prized Ferrari is still in the garage," Stone said. "That's the equivalent."

Stone said eight years after his disappearance, a hurricane hit and sloped out part of Dock Street. Someone spotted a shiny object in a hole that formed.

That shiny object ended up being a large diamond ring Markwick always wore. A group of men dug around the ring and found Markwick's body.

Stone said he was killed by a gunshot to the back of his head but also had damage to his skull consistent with a severe beating.

No one was ever captured for the killing.

Now, Stone reports that those walking in this area describe seeing a man in Colonial-era clothing in the area - the man suddenly disappears into thin air.

If you want to learn more about the haunted spots in Wilmington, you can schedule a tour at https://www.hauntedwilmington.com/

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