Halloween apps for trick-or-treaters and their parents

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Get your family ready for Halloween with the help of technology. AT&T showed us some fun and helpful apps you can download on your phone.

The free Halloween Costumes app has over 5,000 costume ideas for children from a pirate and train conductor to a Dalmatian or ladybug. You can order costumes in the app and have them delivered to your house.

Once you have a costume, carving pumpkins seems like the next Halloween must. The Carve-a-Pumpkin app is a modern twist on pumpkin carving that's especially great if you hate to clean up afterward. Carve a virtual one with this app. You can choose from different pumpkin styles, add in wacky eyes and mouths, or completely customize your own design. You can also add messages and share your art with friends.

The free Halloween Spooky Sound Box App is a handy companion for the prankster at heart. When all is silent and dark on Halloween night, you can flick this app on and play eerie sounds, ranging from Creepy Organ to Empty Rocking Chair.

To keep trick-or-treaters safe, parents can download a free Flashlight app, like the iHandy Flashlight app so your child's device can be used for easy navigation. You can also download the RedPanic Button app to your child's device for extra peace of mind. The free version of this app allows trick-or-treaters the option to press the Red Panic Button to automatically send out a text message with their exact coordinates on Google Maps to family members.

You can also track your trick-or-treater with a location-based service like FamilyMap, which lets you track the location of your child's device on an interactive map from your smartphone. Make sure your child's cell phone is fully charged before they leave the house because GPS tracking can drain the battery quickly.

The alarm clock on your child's device can be used to give them periodic reminders to text or call home along their route or to remind them when it's time to head home. Make sure the volume on the device is at its highest so the child can hear it in a crowd.

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