My turn: Adapting and anticipating change for the future

What works today won't always work in the future.  We have to be willing to adapt and anticipate change as we move into the future.  It's refreshing to hear some folks in Columbus County acknowledge that by taking action toward the long-discussed vision of merging the county and city school districts.

Change like this isn't easy.  But discussions like these are necessary. I don't think the "total loss of money argument" holds up under closer scrutiny.  Yes, there may be slightly fewer tax dollars finding their way to Columbus County.  But there will be more bang for the buck once you factor in the efficiencies gained by combining the systems.

They don't need duplicate bureaucracies.  They can streamline offerings.  They can also address what many school systems are facing…how to manage old school buildings to maximize space.

That "lost money" as the Whiteville City Board sees it is actually just a wiser use of taxpayer dollars to educate our children.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

As a member of the Columbus County school board I must agree with you 100% this has been as issue in Columbus County for many years and with the county commissioners over funding Whiteville city schools for several years and when we bring it to their attention all they do is cut Columbus County schools even more there is a huge problem and this will began the process of fixing it thank you for your article and if you ever need any information don't hesitate to let me know


There comes a time in everyones life when they need to keep their opinion to themselves and their mouth shut. This was one of those times for you .You should not comment on something you evidently do not have all the facts about. Your comments came across as if someone with money  got to you. Almost anybody can be had can't they buddy, this day and time. For the children in WCS it will be a disgrace to send them to a failing school system bottom third in state from a system that is in the top third. There is so much more you are not aware of but I've already spent too much time with someone like you.