UNCW men's basketball focused on hoops, not anthem protests

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - While national anthem protests during sporting events are making national headlines, the UNCW men's basketball team's attention is on getting ready for the upcoming season.

"We really aren't focused on that stuff right now," UNCW sophomore Jaylen Fornes said. "We are just focused as a team, getting better as a basketball team."

"We haven't talked about it as of right now," Seahawk sophomore Ty Taylor said. "I wouldn't say that it's at the top of our list."

The team might not be focused on the protest, but that doesn't mean it isn't aware of what has been going on across the country.

"If anyone on the team feels like they need to do something, they are more than willing to do something, but I think it will stay the same," UNCW senior Jordon Talley said.

It's also a topic that first-year Seahawks head coach C.B. McGrath plans to discuss with his team.

"We need to have a closed door discussion and see how everyone stands," McGrath said. "See what is the best way for us to support each other and our country and see what we can do. It's not going to be at practice, just two or three guys. It will be a team meeting to see what's best."

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