Learn how to make your own Halloween costumes

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Want to take your Halloween costumes to the next level?

Natalie Knight can help and on WECT's First at Four on Friday, she gave step-by-step instructions on how to make costumes of two popular characters -- Wonder Woman and Jon Snow.

"If you don't know how to sew, this is the perfect way to get the Wonder Woman costume," Knight, a costume designer, said.

According to Knight, great Halloween costumes can be made for not a lot of money and she added, "There is YouTube video for almost anything you want to do."

Below are the steps for the Wonder Woman and Jon Snow costumes:

Wonder Woman Costume (craft foam, spray paint, fabric puff paint, glue gun, template pieces)

  1. Purchase black corset and leather-like fabric
  2. Cut out craft foam pieces (red ones for bodice can be kept in order by numbering the backs)
  3. Spray paint the craft foam (gold for accessories, red glitter for bodice)
  4. Have someone put the corset on and use glue gun to glue pieces to corset
  5. Use puff paint to add character
  6. Once you finish with main part of costume, accessorize with sword (Dollar Store has them) and rope

Jon Snow Costume

With a little creative thinking, you can use different items to achieve the look you want.

To get the fur look on the cape, you could do one of these two things:

  1. Purchase fur from fabric store (this can be fairly costly at $20/yard)
  2. Use a fur-like rug. The real Jon Snow costume actually uses a rug from IKEA for the fur on his cape.

Knight found a fur woman's vest at a consignment shop and was able to sew the armholes together and attach it to a cheap cape that she also found at thrift store.

Once the fur is attached to the cape, you can use some scraps of leather-like material to make the cross straps.

For the Night King pin, use some clay from a craft store and use Rub n Buff to make the clay look like metal, then attach the pin base to it.

Knight said a pin that is being sold online is around $15 with shipping, so you are saving yourself money and having fun being creative in the process of making your own.

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