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My turn: Controversial remarks made by Panthers' QB Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton smiles after a touchdown during an NFL football game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (Winslow Townson/AP Images for Panini) Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton smiles after a touchdown during an NFL football game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (Winslow Townson/AP Images for Panini)

There is a very good reason why Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton shouldn’t get a pass for his comments made this week while responding to this female reporter’s question. 

I know that Cam has done a lot of good things in the Charlotte area. I believe he’s a good person and has great potential as a leader. He often demonstrates those qualities.  But even the best leaders have missteps and this one is a doozy.  

Just last week, Cam was speaking eloquently on why he supports the protests some players in the NFL are holding to raise attention to police violence. He talked about inequities in our society when it comes to African Americans. Cam even participated this past week in New England by raising his fist after a Panthers score. 

But my thought is you can’t support those rights and then turn around and condescend an entire gender. That just won’t reconcile with a lot of people, including me. 

That’s my turn. Now it’s your turn. If you want to comment on this or any other segment, email me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Everybody needs to stop whining and acting like little cry babies and get over it. The comment was not that bad no foul or vulgar language. A lot of male reporters get talked to a lot worse than that and you never hear anything about it.


I understand that his remarks are very offensive, but have you shared the same commentary with readers and viewers regarding the president (Donald Trump). It is amazing that I am seeing individuals condemn Cam Newton which they should, but fail to say anything or condemn the leader of the free world!! Just saying make sure you include this in upcoming commentaries, because words do matter!


With all the bad things going on I do not see why such a big deal is made of this and I am a female. I dislike the "fist" raising and kneeling more so we stopped watching games.


Excellent point. If you are against discrimination, you are against ALL discrimination!


I am a female...and I do not think the comment Cam Newton was sexist...Every one is always worry about STUPID STUFF!!..It is so much more to be worry about...than that!!


It is most upsetting to see the backlash of Cam's innocent comment. There was no disrespect in his taken back or surprise in her understanding and knowing the terminology that only players would know. It had nothing to do with her being a female, but is all about a nation heading in the wrong direction and has been for quite some time. The same comment could have been poised to a male Sports Reporter had he asked the question. Get Over It Already, this Nation has far more crisis  we need to contend with than to deal with a female reporter thinking this is sexist of Cam. He has nothing to apologize for. 


Funny that you think its o.k. to disrespect our national flag , but it's a sin to make a statement like he made to the lady.  Do not understand , double standard.......  


Dear Gary,  My husband and I  (75 yrs young)  watch your segment most every evening.  95% of the time we completely agree with you.  We often comment that perhaps you should run for governor.

I do not watch football...hubby does on occasion.  However, one can not escape hearing about Cam.  We have listened to what he said, and even googled it for more info.  So he chuckled and said he was surprised that a woman would ask about routes. SO WHAT!   He did not put her down or say "what would you..a mere woman know?" or anything similar.  He went on and respectfully answered her question.

Generally speaking, women do not play's a guy thing.  Routing is a guy thing.  He probably should have kept his thought in his head, but he is human and it slipped out.  Do not see any disrespect here at all.

Sorry but we totally respectfully disagree on this one.


I usually don't like you commentaries, but this time you're 100% on the money. You are absolutely correct with your statements.


Gary, I being a female and hugh football fan, I had no offense to Cam Newton. He was cute and perfectly honest in his answer. I cannot understand how this could possibly be offensive. Enough of this Politically Correct nonsense already. If this keeps happening, there will be no interviews granted, period


You asked for views on your latest TV session:

As the father of two daughters in their twenties I believe that I am quite sensitive to any or all attempts to insult or belittle women. In inviting comments however, your assumption is that is what happened here and I would beg to disagree. Both in what he said and the way in which he said it Newton was expressing a view that many of us (men and women)  might share and he did so in my view without betraying any offense. I am English by birth and am regularly amused by people who express surprise that I have any knowledge of the inner workings of both football and baseball but do not see that as an insult to my manhood. Doubtless I would be amazed by any American (man or woman) who demonstrated a detail understanding of cricket - it's never happened so I can't be sure.

Rodrigue was being overly sensitive and those like yourself who choose to pick up her mantle need to be careful or they risk ridiculing a subject that deserves far more serious attention.

Of course...that's just my opinion. I might be wrong.


It's funny you thought it was ok for him to raise a fist during a game. Then you find Cam to be offensive when he found it funny that a female reported asked about a route. When everything becomes offensive, no one will be able to live their life without offending someone. Liberals are slowly but surely taking away free speech.  Yeah I know you are offended by my opinions. Well I'm offended by your nightly liberal talking points. 


I love football. I am a female. And I am a Panther and Cam fan. What he said was not offensive to females, (or not to most). I think he meant this as a compliment. I have a son and when his male friends see me throwing a football they are like "wow, I can't believe your mom can throw a football". Do I take offense to this just because I am a female? NO.  I think it is a compliment.  This reporter was way too sensitive and this was blown way out of proportion. Can't believe as many days has gone by and WECT is still reporting on this. Need more positive things. 
No apology needed Cam!!


Why are you not POTUS?  You seem to have answers for everything that is wrong in today's society.  Sadly, you only offer your opinions and you do not offer any solutions.  Try to garner opinions from others and work on solutions..  Stop talking and do something to help.  

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