Tammy Pruden entering 20th season leading Hoggard swimming

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Hoggard Vikings men's and women's swim teams have dominated the Mideastern Conference. Each squad has won 16 of the 18 Mideastern championships handed out.

The coach behind all those championships is Tammy Pruden, who is entering her 20th season with the Vikings.

"I do what I like in the classroom, and I do what I love on the pool deck," Pruden said. "It has made a balance in my life that has made this whole thing come about faster than you would ever think. You turn around and it's 20 years later."

Pruden does her job with a smile on her face, but don't be fooled, she knows how to get the most out of her team.

"She is a force," Hoggard assistant coach Jana Claney said. "She can really get the swimmers together, and sometimes they need her to be hard and she can be that person. Sometimes they need her to be nurturing and she is that person also."

Over the past 20 years, Pruden has become wiser.

"I have learned how to relax a little," Pruden said. "But I still have that intense part of me that I can't help myself because I want things done the right way and I want to get the very best out of everyone that jumps in this water."

She has coached hundreds of swimmers, and as the years have passed, her message hasn't changed.

"We encourage them to encourage each other," Pruden said. "We just help instill that their individual effort contributes to their team, and I have been so lucky they have owned up."

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