CFPUA scales back GenX water sampling to one day per week

CFPUA scales back GenX water sampling to one day per week
(Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Saying that it feels confident GenX levels will remain low, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority is scaling back water sampling to one day per week.

According to the CFPUA's Wednesday afternoon update, the utility will sample treated water for GenX at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant one day a week and share those results with the public as CFPUA gets them. The Chemours Company discharged the unregulated compound into the Cape Fear River at its Fayetteville Works site, but the NC Department of Environmental Quality said in mid-July that the company stopped putting the chemical in the river.

"On June 26, CFPUA staff began sampling water from Sweeney Water Treatment Plant to test for GenX," the utility said in Wednesday's update. "After Chemours voluntarily stopped the compound's discharge, we have seen levels decrease. Levels have consistently been below the (NC Department of Health and Human Services) health goal of 140 (parts per trillion) since July 21, 2017."

As long as Chemours continues not to discharge GenX, CFPUA said it expects levels of GenX in the water to remain low.

Results from the most recent tests reveal GenX levels of 44, 36 and 35 ppt on Sept. 22, 25 and 27, respectively.

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