Trask football reaping the benefits from life coach

For the past four years, pastor Rocky Myrick has taken on the role of life coach for the Trask Titans. (Source: WECT)
For the past four years, pastor Rocky Myrick has taken on the role of life coach for the Trask Titans. (Source: WECT)

Role models can come in many different shapes and sizes. The one on the Trask football team's sidelines doesn't wear a helmet or blow a whistle.

"Coaches have a tendency to scream and holler. That's not my role," coach Rocky Myrick said. "I just come alongside and put my arm around them and say, 'It will be OK. Get them the next play.'"

For the past four years, Myrick has taken on the role of life coach for the Titans.

"My dad was really the only person I had growing up. He supported me a lot," senior wide receiver Ray Barnett said. "But Rocky is like my second dad."

Myrick patrols the sidelines during each game and practice, looking to keep spirits high.

"I think I've been around these guys long enough where they know my heart and they trust me and know when I say something, it's true," Myrick said.

Myrick also knows his fair share of football. He played high school ball at Hoggard and went on to play under Danny Ford at Clemson.

But Myrick said he prefers to stay away from the Xs and Os, instead focusing on encouraging growth on and off the field.

"After an interception or fumble, I come alongside and tell him, 'It will be OK. Get him the next play,'" Myrick said.

Myrick also wears many hats in the Pender County community. He is the pastor at Victory Christian Fellowship and his congregation comes together every home game to prepare a pregame meal for the team.

Myrick and his congregation also set up appearances from motivational speakers during the meal.

"That's what he's all about. He's all about helping us make these guys great fathers and husbands one day," Trask head coach Jonathan Taylor said. "That's what we want for all of them because there is life after football."

Players and coaches said the power of positivity is one reason the Titans sport a 4-2 record after Week 7 of the season. Myrick, who doesn't get paid to be the team's life coach, said it's the least he could do for these young men.

"Seeing the hard work they've put in all year to begin to have success on the field, that's what it's all about," Myrick said.

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