UNCW's C.B. McGrath talks about FBI college basketball probe

UNCW's C.B. McGrath talks about FBI college basketball probe

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Even though they may not be implicated, college basketball coaches from around the country are answering questions about the FBI probe into the sport.

The bribery investigation hit one of the game's most storied program in Louisville on Wednesday.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich were both put on administrative leave after it was discovered the Cardinals were part of the federal investigation.

First-year UNCW head coach C.B. McGrath said he believes the investigation will ultimately be for the best.

"Absolutely you have to clean it up if you know there is a problem," McGrath said when asked about this week's events at UNCW's annual media day.

McGrath nor the Seahawks have been named in any reports, but the coach is familiar with recruiting at the highest level. He served as an assistant under Roy Williams for 18 years at both North Carolina and Kansas.

"I am excited that the people that didn't do it the right way are getting in trouble," McGrath said. "I always felt like there were things going on, and I didn't know who to say anything to. But I figured that some time they would get their day."

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