My turn: the current push on repealing the Affordable Care Act

My turn: the current push on repealing the Affordable Care Act

(WECT) - I understand gamesmanship is part of political strategy.  But none of us should have to accept our elected leaders voting on a piece of legislation that could affect nearly all of us without following basic procedures.  I'm talking about the current push on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Whether or not you think change needs to come to our health care system, we should all be able to agree that a full study and debate on the issue is not only logical, but necessary.

Senator John McCain is right.  The standard order is needed in this situation.  And it's not clear that's going to happen.

At one point, the only committee hearing to discuss health care was going to be in the Homeland Security Committee. I would say that doesn't make much sense, but we're talking about Congress here and we all know that is a "logic free zone."

Please don't bother sending me previous examples of how other legislation snuck through without going through the proper channels. I understand.  And those weren't done right either.

This shady approach to passing legislation should not be allowed to continue.  Let's do this one right.  We may not all agree on the outcome, but we desperately need to agree on the process.

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It is time for the people elected to remember what the democracy we talk about is the expectation of the citizens who elected them to represent us.