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My turn: tragedy reminds Americans to work together

Irma damage in Arcadia, FL. (Source: Vincent Parker | WWSB) Irma damage in Arcadia, FL. (Source: Vincent Parker | WWSB)

Sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to understand that we should be working together instead of against each other.  Compare what’s taking place in Texas and Florida to what you’ve seen recently in St. Louis and Charlottesville. 

The stories continue to come out of the hurricane-ravaged areas of people driving in truckloads of supplies, opening their homes and lending a hand to people who suddenly have found themselves in desperate situations.

It warmed my heart when I heard about the man waiting in a long line to get the last generator at a home improvement store only to turn around and give it to a lady in line behind him that needed it more than he did. 

Contrast that with white supremacists marching on Charlottesville and vandals tearing apart St. Louis because they disagree with a court verdict.
It shouldn’t take a natural disaster to help us realize it, but what we really hold dear is neighbors helping neighbors.

And what we really need to understand is that we can disagree without destroying each other over our beliefs.

I’m a half-full versus half-empty kind of person.  And when it comes to something like this, I’m thinking that America is about 95% full of loving and helpful people.  To me, those are the real Americans that represent what I love about this great country. 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

On your My Turn segment last night, 9/19,  I agree with everything you said,  except for one point.  You referred to the rioters in Charlottesville as White Supremacists,  in order to be accurate you should have also included Altifa in your comments


Both my husband and I agree 100 % with what you said about how we are mostly focused on people helping people ... thank you for your comments!


Mr. McNair, inspirational and very well articulated. It is a breath of fresh air in my opinion for the public to hear glass half full opinions especially from the media. Well done Sir. 

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