Let your toddlers make a mess

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A chance for your kids to get messy – without messing up your home!

The Messy Hands Toddler Art Program at the New Hanover County Library encourages children to get creative and artsy.

The class is held each Thursday at the downtown library. It's for children between the ages of 2-4.

"Messy Hands Toddler Art Program is an art program that is focused on the process rather the product of art," said Krista Dean, a Children's Outreach Associate at the library. "We don't supply a craft or an end goal, we really encourage the children to use their creativity, their own imagination and just have fun with what they're doing."

The program encourages parents and children to work together on their creations.

"It's not important that everybody's piece of art looks the same at the end," said Dean. "Children are able to develop success and mastery by making something all their own and seeing that theirs is good and it doesn't have to compare to anyone else's."

To learn more about Messy Hands, click here.

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