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My Turn: Wilmington should make pitch for Amazon's new headquarters

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Amazon has become a part of most people’s lives. And this week, it is also a part of many conversations with news that it wants cities to send proposals for why the company should build a new $5 billion headquarters in their location. It’s a contest that will result in a major economic boom for the winning area.

Business writers across America say only a handful of major cities would qualify under Amazon’s requirements. Charlotte and Raleigh have been floated as possibilities. Amazon wants a solid population of at least a million people.

That theoretically eliminates cities like Wilmington from the mix, and it is a long shot, but you know what? It doesn’t mean our business leaders shouldn’t try.

We have a growing population. You don’t have to drive more than a few minutes before you run into some sort of construction taking place. We also have a booming port right here in our own backyard.

There are a lot of attributes here that could make this area a viable contender. And wouldn’t it would be fantastic to see an economic development announcement of that magnitude for this area?

Yes, the chances of landing the Amazon headquarters are remote, but we’ll never know unless we try and just the attempt at making a play for it can make us stronger.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Yes that would be fantastic for this community for Amazon to come here.See what local government can do for that .Give them tax breaks and incentives..real strong ones to outdo the other cities who are trying to lure them to their area first..It would be great for that to happen.


I agree with your premise our leaders should at least try to recruit Amazon to this area. The worst answer we could get is "no". We would also most likley benefit from the attention for future projects be it Amazon or any other company.


I do agree that we should make a bid. Wilmington is a beautiful, thriving and growing city. I would much rather see Amazon come than some factory that will further pollute our area.


I agree. Shouldn't the business leaders of this area not only take into account Wilmington's population, but Pender and Brunswick Counties population as well. For years all of these counties have been intertwined when it comes to workforce. There are so many people in this whole area who no longer qualify for unemployment and can't find a job, so in turn, have just stopped looking. That way our leaders can say unemployment numbers are down, when in reality they are not. Vertex was supposed to be a big boost to our workforce and where did that get us? Not very far. Amazon could actually bring the jobs here, and people from neighboring counties would be glad to commute for a decent paying job. That's my turn.


I personal think it would suck in some ways, the area is already overpopulated, but it would really be awesome also. I think if they were smart they would move it to Detroit. They can get land very inexpensive. It would be a huge boost to their economy and produce a ton of jobs. Not to mention the maker of the Amazon Treasure Truck is in Detroit, Creative Solutions Group. 

It would be awesome to have Amazon here though. We don't have a million people living here, but we have a lot of great qualities. 


Where in this county is there a parcel of land large enough to build a warehouse of the size required?  There is not a parcel big enough now to build another high school.


Have you lost your mind!!!!? Traffic is already horrible in Wilmington and getting worse every day with all the new construction intended to pack as many people in as little space as possible. Stores are packed, decent restaurants have unbearable waits, the city can't keep up with even the most basic services in a timely and quality manner, forget going to the beach because of parking, and your answer is see if we can get a massive warehouse/distribution center that would add more traffic, more people, more congestion, and further reduce the once quiet quality of life in Wilmington. Have you not noticed what was once a great place to live is now congested, crime ridden with shootings, drug dealing, overdoses, home invasions, vehicle accidents everywhere, etc. at the levels as high or higher per capita than large cities like Charlotte. I used to never lock my doors when I first moved here 19 years ago. Now I lock even when I'm home and I carry a loaded handgun everywhere I go.  

I used to respect your opinion. Now I think you're short sighted with no common sense, and no real interest in preserving Wilmington. You want big city? Move to Charlotte. 


Our local leaders are not focusing on those areas that are key to attracting someone like Amazon. We have slow internet speeds compared to Raleigh, Charlotte, even Salisbury NC, who focused on building a high speed internet system to attract business, and it is working. We have over development and the destruction and closure of recreational areas that were open to the general public such as Echo Farms Golf and Country Club. Quality of life is of key importance to these companies and we have serious issues with that topic, such as our water quality and GenX. We are slow to improve our infrastructure and have not hardened our operating systems against major outages and severe weather events. I do agree that it might be a good exercise to try and win Amazon to this area. By doing so our leaders will be confronted with the areas that we need to improve in order to compete.  

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