Waves of change sweep over Kure Beach motels

The waves of change are coming to Kure Beach.  

As the town grows and land becomes more valuable, developers are buying the small motels that line Fort Fisher Boulevard.

"There's already three or four tore down in Kure Beach, including one that hadn't been built and at least two or three more that are being sold in the current year," says Ronnie Pernell

Ronnie Pernell is in talks to sell the Moran Motel.

After more than 35 years, he plans to retire and close the motel in December.

He's says the rising land prices and environmental regulations make it too difficult to stay in business.

That's bad news for loyal customers like Mickey Clinard of Winston-Salem. He's been coming to Kure Beach, since he was a young child.

"Coming here on vacation is like going home. Good friends, know everybody that's here. People that run the place, I know personally, and once that's gone, you know, the family side of it is gone," says Clinard.

Clinard says with all the changes to Kure Beach, some long-time visitors may be priced out, and might take their vacations elsewhere.

"I don't have to come to the beach. I can go to the mountains. It's cooler, and I love the mountains. Maybe my vacation will change and I'll do something different," says Clinard.
But developers, who are building condos and townhomes in place of the motels, are counting on the fact, that even if some people leave, many more will come in their place.
Reported by: Samuel King