My turn: beware of fake videos and news stories

I have no idea what possesses someone to post a fake news video.  But it just takes a few people to spread it around for it to cause some damage.

There are reports of countless numbers of fake videos and news stories already showing damage from Hurricane Irma.  And then you hear a radio host making a crazy claim that the dangers of Irma are hype in an effort to spread a political message.

I don't blame anyone for just throwing their hands up in frustration. These foolish and irresponsible acts are putting people's lives at risk.

Now more than ever during these dangerous times, you should seek out trusted sources with long track records of dependability for your information.  Don't immediately buy into the flashy new info provider that claims to have something others aren't telling you about. If it's on an email forward or from some unknown social media account, you should be skeptical.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn…to be prepared and stay safe. You can also email me your thoughts about this or anything else at

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