UNCW's Sydney Brock batting back after injuries

UNCW's Sydney Brock batting back after injuries

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - As an incoming freshman, Sydney Brock had high hopes for her volleyball career at UNCW.

But injuries derailed the start of something that looked so promising.

"I remember hitting the ball and I remember being on the ground," said Brock. "I was thinking why am I on the ground."

Brock tore her ACL and suffered a bone bruise, ending her season. But she was poised to return to the court as soon as possible.

"At the beginning, I said I was going to kill this rehab," said Brock.  "I was going to come back early and come back fast. And I'll be back sophomore year ready to go so strong. And that was the mindset. That this is just a hiccup. I grow from this, it will make me stronger."

Brock did everything she was told, but something was just not right with her knee.

"I remember I started out sophomore season and I couldn't jump," Brock said. "It pained me to try to keep jumping higher. I couldn't move nothing was working. The screw hadn't dissolved in my knee, and it was causing a cyst to form in my tibia, because a hole had formed in my tibia, and it was attached to the end of my ACL."

And without even playing a single match, Brock's sophomore season was done. She was left wondering if she would ever play volleyball again.

"I think as a coach you want to be as supportive as possible" said UNCW head coach Amy Bambenek. "Because it's their lifelong dream to be a student athlete at the division one level."

Brock wasn't going to let that dream go, but others around her not so positive.

"I got a phone call from someone who I though supported me the most," said Brock. "That was telling me to quit, because I was talking a scholarship away from someone who could be doing something for the team."

Brock returned to play her junior season, but now is ready to end her senior season on a high note.

"The feeling of stepping out on that court is like none other. You can't get that feeling any place else. So to be able to do that after fighting through two crazy situations, it's the best thing."

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