H2GO looks at reverse osmosis systems for schools

H2GO looks at reverse osmosis systems for schools

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The H2GO Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed Tuesday night to investigate putting reverse osmosis systems in the four schools it serves.

H2GO provides water to Belville and Lincoln Elementary schools, Leland Middle and North Brunswick High School.

Bob Walker, executive director for H2GO, said he was approached by the activist group Clean Cape Fear about the project.

Clean Cape Fear along with the North Carolina Association of Educators in Brunswick County wants the utility to pay for systems, while the schools would pay for the water usage.

Walker said the groups were still working with Brunswick County Schools to get approval to install the systems and the logistics behind the plan, but that H2GO estimated the cost would be around $200,000 for an 18-month lease on the equipment.

"We know that this is proven technology to get those perfluorinated compounds out of the water," Walker said. "If we could provide that equipment and get it installed, then the schools could help to keep that equipment online and to keep it available to the students and kitchen staff for cooking."

Walker also said there is no price tag on keeping a child as safe as possible.

"It is just the right thing to do," he said. "We want to provide safe, clean water to all of our customers, but if we can make an immediate impact to the customers that are most vulnerable and that's our children."

The board of commissioners will continue to look at the idea, but won't make any final decisions until Brunswick County Schools gives approval for the project.

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