Protecting Yourself from Extreme Heat

JULY 20, 2005 -- The dog days of July are here. Temperatures are in the 90s, and with the heat index it feels like it's more than a hundred degrees.

That index doesn't take into account what it's like on top of a hot roof at midday. On these steamy days, roofer Harold Goodson has to adjust his schedule.

"I start early and take a lot of breaks throughout the day. I take off by 3:00."

Not every worker has the option of leaving early. Some construction crews sweat it out, laying 305 degree asphalt in the sun.

As hot as it is for anyone working outside on a day like Wednesday, doctors say they're actually not in the highest risk group for heat stroke.

Doctors say the very young and the elderly are most at risk.  Their advice is to drink plenty of water, avoid sodas and coffee, and when possible take a break from being outside.

Don't forget your pets either. They're called the dog days of summer for a reason.

Reported by Ashley Hayes