Wearing Flip Flops May Cause Injuries

JULY 19, 2005 -- It's summer time, and for women and some men in our area, that means flip flop season.

Researchers are now saying that the soft soled shoes can be a source of pain.

Flip flops are the must-have fashion for the summer season. Many people wear them because they're convenient and comfortable. Lately, flip flops are causing a lot of "flap" at doctor's offices.

According to the college of foot and ankle surgeons, their popularity among teenagers and young adults is responsible for a growing epidemic of heel pain.

Doctors see more and more people with heel spurs and other foot related injuries.

Doctors say that wearing flip flops can cause your foot to flatten out, putting more strain on your ligaments in your foot.

Researchers say you should look for comfortable straps and avoid hard plastic sandals that can blister your toes.

They also say you should look for sandals with thicker soles to provide extra protection.

Always make sure your flip flops have proper arch support and a heel strap to give your feet more stability.

The last piece of advice is to make sure the shoe fits your foot properly.

Reported by Kim Fields