WoW! protests against Senator Mike Lee

A WoW! demonstrator holds a sign protesting Senator Mike Lee.
A WoW! demonstrator holds a sign protesting Senator Mike Lee.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Women Organizing for Wilmington (WoW!) have been protesting elected officials who they say don't represent women and families every Monday in downtown Wilmington for almost sixth months.

Monday's protest, however, was a little different. WoW! focused their protests on North Carolina Senator Mike Lee, and his response to the GenX water crisis. The group said it's frustrated with the senator's handling of GenX, and want him to be more direct in questioning Gov. Roy Cooper for help with the issue.

"We want him to address the issues regarding New Hanover County and his constituents. There are so many issues and he is totally silent on almost everything," protestor Lynn Harris said.

Demonstrators held signs, some calling Lee a "political coward," as they chanted, asking for clean water now. The protestors said they had a message they wanted the senator to hear loud and clear.

"Fund the department of environmental quality and help us with this problem," protestor Stacey McPherson said. "I can't afford to pay for water twice. I'm already paying an exuberant price for Cape Fear Public Utility's water and then I have to turn around and pay for bottled? I can't afford that. He may be able to afford that, but I can't."

Lee responded to the protestors with the following statement:

"I am committed to ensuring my constituents, neighbors, and family have clean, safe drinking water. I am concerned that the governor's spending proposal adds money to the bureaucracy but does nothing to address the immediate crisis of GenX in the source of our drinking water. I am working with federal officials, state officials, and local officials to come up with a plan to make sure GenX can be removed from our drinking water.

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