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Permits for pictures are required for some at Fort Fisher

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Its beauty and variety make it the ideal spot for photographs, but professional photographers actually need a permit to shoot there.

This comes as a surprise to many local photographers who have been taking photos at Fort Fisher for years.

The policy was put into effect in 1976 by North Carolina State Parks. Because Fort Fisher is a historic site, it applies there, but the policy isn't posted anywhere in the park.   

It's also not in writing anywhere on the Fort Fisher website. 

One local photographer said as great as the photo opportunities are at Fort Fisher, he probably won't pay for a permit. 

"I love Fort Fisher," wedding photographer Marcus Anthony said. "It's got the beach on one side. It's got the rocks. It's got the sound on the other side with the forest and the trees. It's got the state historic site. It's got so much variety in such a small space, but I don't think I'll be getting a permit." 

The state rule says a permit is needed "for anyone taking photos for commercial use." 

Fort Fisher officials said it only applies to professional photographers and many local photographers said they have never gotten a permit and had no idea it was required.

The permits cost $25 a day or $100 a year. 

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