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My turn: Be careful of potential scams

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It seems it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant in looking out for scams.  You can’t check your mailbox, email or answer the phone without someone trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money. 

The latest example came this week in Brunswick County with some people saying they received letters that claimed they were delinquent on their property taxes. Getting such a letter could be shocking and upsetting if you don’t have your guard up. 

Authorities say the best thing to do is check with the agency that claims to be making this an issue with you.  You can hear out the caller if you want, but don’t commit to anything without verifying it by reaching out to that agency on your own.  And always remember, if you are being asked for personal information or to send them money, that should be an immediate red flag. 

We all work too hard to just give up our money to someone who is trying to take advantage of our busy and distracted lives.  Be skeptical and don’t let it happen to you. 

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