Hundreds of photographers prepare to shoot solar eclipse

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Employees at Southeastern Camera in Wilmington have helped hundreds of photographers gear up to capture the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017. Gary Allen, the store's manager, said he began getting calls about the event as early as last year.

Allen said that anyone planning to photograph the eclipse needs to keep several things in mind. He said all cameras need a solar lens or solar filter to shoot the sun, and that not using one could damage the camera's sensor. Allen added that the camera needs the same level of protection as your eyes.

He also suggested finding an open space to view the eclipse. Allen said that any photographer needs to be set up before the peak of the eclipse, as it will only last a few minutes.

Even if you aren't a professional, Allen said you can capture the event on your cell phone.

"Like other digital cameras, you'll need a solar filter to put over the smartphone," he said. "Since the lenses are rather small, I think you might even be able to use the filter from your solar glasses."

Allen suggested that viewers remember to enjoy the solar eclipse, rather than focus on getting the perfect shot.

"There will be a lot of pictures of the actual sun, but there won't be a lot of pictures of people enjoying the event and having a good time," Allen said.

Experts say the eclipse is expected to be the most photographed in history.

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