‘Stump bomb’ not slowing new Bulldogs coach from preparing for upcoming season

Wallace football

WALLACE, NC (WECT) - Wallace-Rose Hill football coach Kevin Motsinger will never forget this past Memorial Day weekend.

While trying to burn some yard debris, he forgot about ant killer and bug spray that he put on a stump he was going to burn the brush on.

"They will never know because they didn't see it," said Motsinger. "To hear the explosion and see how it was, I made a car bomb. A stump bomb. And I was six and a half yards away from it, and it knocked me five yards away. The big thing for me is that I can tell you that God is still in the miracle business."

Now cleared to coach, Motsinger must keep the burns he suffered on his arm and legs covered and protected. He's not letting that set back slow him down as he tries to get the Bulldogs ready for the upcoming season.

"We have a lot of holes to fill, we lost the whole offensive line," he said. "Aliza at quarterback…we lost a lot of guys and we have some guys that will fill those holes. And the good thing is that this is Wallace-Rose Hill and we have those guys."

Motsinger has some pretty big shoes to fill. He replaces former head coach Joey Price, who resigned in February to take a coaching job in South Carolina. Price was fresh off leading the Bulldogs to their third straight state title, and fifth in eight years.

With any coach change, there is a transition period. Motsinger is trying make things as easy as possible.

"I need to learn how to communicate with each kid, because every kid learns different. It's not just in history class and English class, it's the same thing on this football field. So I am still trying to find out the best way to teach what we are asking to do to each kid," Motsinger explained.

The Bulldogs will open the season Aug. 18 at home against rival James Kenan.

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