Leaders discuss off-campus housing problems at UNCW meeting

Leaders discuss off-campus housing problems at UNCW meeting

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The University of North Carolina Wilmington and Wilmington city officials held their quarterly Community Relations Alliance meeting Wednesday night.

The longstanding alliance has been in place since 2004, and works to create a positive relationship between the school and the city.

At the meeting, neighbors who live close to campus discussed their frustration about students who live near them in off-campus houses.

They say issues including loud parties, excessive trash and parking violations have been going on for years.

Due to jurisdiction issues, UNCW and the Wilmington Police Department have difficulty enforcing campus conduct rules off campus.

They're looking to bridge the gap of communication with the Dean's Office in order to change that.

"The officers themselves work great together," Lt. Mat Ingram of the WPD said. "I'd like to see both legal departments come to an agreement of what we can and can't do because I think that would satisfy the citizens that complain a bit more. We couldn't give them definite answers because we're kind of up in the air as far as our legal departments and our ultimate agency organizations or administrations go."

One man who represented a neighborhood close to the university said a Facebook group and signs have been created in order to bring more awareness to the issue.

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