Forum focuses on 'Crimes Against Humanity'

Forum focuses on 'Crimes Against Humanity'

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - GenX was the topic of conversation at a "Crimes Against Humanity" forum on Tuesday night.

The event was sponsored by the National Black Leadership Caucus of New Hanover County, the Cape Fear River Watch, and other groups.

"We feel it is our responsibility to inform the community as to the type of water they are drinking and whether it is safe or not," said Sonya Patrick, chairwoman of the National Black Leadership Caucus.

It was the first event in a seven-part series that will focus on several different topics, including healthcare and criminal injustice.

Leaders said they hope to raise awareness about the lack of information being given to minority groups.

"The state, as well as the local government, needs to have some kind of vehicle, some kind of organization or structure to make sure they get into the minority communities and make sure that those people know and understand what they are facing and how serious it could be," said Kojo Nantambu, pastor at the Temple of Truth, Life and Light.

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