Bob Bonner

Madison and Kaitlyn
Madison and Kaitlyn


Full Name: Bob Bonner

Prefers to be called: On time for dinner

Actually called: Bob

Birthplace: Mansfield, OH

Family: Wife Kelli, daughters Madison and Kaitlyn.  Dogs; Dot and Joe.  Cats; Sinclaire and Bubba (RIP), and our fish Fred.

College: University of Central Florida '94

Awards: Yes please

Golf Handicap: My swing

H.S. Nickname: Fank

Wilmington Resident Since: June 2000

Motive For Becoming Sports Anchor: Good Parking!

Throws: Right

Bats: Right

Sport of Choice: Golf

Dream Co-Anchor: My Dad

Best Interview: Tiger Woods (because he is freaking Tiger Woods)

Worst Interview: Greg Puhalski (told me to kiss his @%&)

Favorite Sports Flick: Caddyshack

Favorite Athlete: George Brett

Favorite Wilmington Restaurant: Flaming Amy's

Likes: Playing golf whenever I can

Dislikes: People who feel the need to pull out in front of you, then drive 10mph under the speed limit

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