CFPUA chairman's morning GenX update (7/13/17)

CFPUA chairman's morning GenX update (7/13/17)

Mike Brown, CFPUA Board chairman, will provide two daily updates—one morning and one afternoon—with information on activity surrounding GenX. Updates will be provided each weekday. Below please find Chairman Mike Brown's morning update on sampling results, studying additional substances, and updates on the Black & Veatch and ASR projects.

1. CFPUA is still awaiting DEQ's testing results. Once CFPUA receives these results, CFPUA will compare those results with its own independent test data, and other data sources currently being collected and analyzed by other parties. CFPUA will report to the public as soon this data is received.

2. In addition to testing for GenX, CFPUA is proactively seeking information and guidance on additional PFASs identified in the Cape Fear River. There are currently no analytical standards readily available to test for these other identified substances. As such, CFPUA called upon DHHS and DEQ for guidance on these other substances. These additional substances are the subject of our letter to DEQ, dated June 19, and ongoing discussions with DHHS, the latest of which as recent as this week. CFPUA is also in discussions with UNCW to form a collaboration to study these additional substances and determine appropriate testing standards. DHHS committed to provide additional guidance on the additional substances identified in Knappe's November report, as well as any additional updates to their existing advisory on GenX.

3. Meetings with Catlin Engineering will begin this week to analyze forthcoming testing data from the ASR well, and discuss the next steps for the ASR project. CFPUA is not currently putting water in or taking water out of the ASR well. Once we determine next steps based on the results of the ongoing testing, we will share those with the public.

4. CFPUA encourages the public to check our website and social media channels for updates as this continues to unfold. We are committed to transparency, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you through the duration of this process.