CFPUA board to get GenX update during Wednesday meeting

CFPUA board to get GenX update during Wednesday meeting

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Mike Brown, CFPUA Board chairman, will provide two daily updates—one morning and one afternoon—with information on activity surrounding GenX. Updates will be provided each weekday. Below please find Chairman Mike Brown's morning update on sampling and Board of Directors meeting date. 

1. CFPUA Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, July 12, at 9 a.m. The meeting will be held in the Lucie Harrell Conference Room at the New Hanover County Administration Building (230 Government Center Drive). During the meeting, Executive Director Jim Flechtner will present a summary of CFPUA's ongoing actions related to GenX.

2. CFPUA is waiting on sampling results as labs continue to make progress on method development for GenX testing. CFPUA expects to have the first results of this sampling soon, from both the DEQ investigation and from our own sampling. A map of DEQ's sampling locations can be found here.

3. CFPUA is working on a water sampling timeline, which will be available on the website. It will clearly show when samples are being taken. When the results come in, we will input those to give an idea of how GenX numbers change over time. CFPUA will share that link when it is available.

4. CFPUA representatives attended a regional call this morning with NC DHHS, NC DEQ, and other state agencies, along with a variety of regional representatives of local water providers and health departments, and stakeholders. The call was very constructive. DHHS has been working in consultation with the EPA to further review all available research on GenX and related perfluorinated compounds with the goal of updating the public with the most up to date information and guidance as it becomes available. They will also take into consideration the results of testing data as it comes in and is analyzed. The end goal is to offer an update to the public as early as the end of this week or first of next week. As soon as this information is made available to us, we will share it with the public.

5. CFPUA encourages the public to check our website and social media channels for updates as this continues to unfold. We are committed to transparency, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you through the duration of this process.