Big Developments at Commissioners Meeting

JULY 12, 2005 -- The New Hanover County Commissioners are taking steps they hope will clean up graffiti, and the health department has found a way to help clean up restaurants.

Commissioners unanimously approved Monday night an ordinance making it a crime to put graffiti on private buildings.

It comes after graffiti apparently marking the presence of gangs was found in the Ogden area earlier this year.

The sheriff's office says Ogden and Castle Hayne are hot spots for graffiti in the county.

Violators of the ordinance would face fines or even jail time.

Commissioners are also providing help for restaurant inspectors in New Hanover County.

Two more inspectors will soon be in the kitchens.

Last month, News 6 told you about the problem of inspectors saying they weren't able to inspect restaurants every three months as required by law.

Their department asked the county commissioners for two more inspectors to help ease the workload, but the commissioners said there wasn't enough money in the budget.

The health department announced Monday night it has found the funds to pay for the inspectors.