Moratorium on Market Street Development Rejected

Moratorium on Market Street Development Rejected

At night, traffic zips on the New Hanover County section of Market Street, but people who live and work in the area have to deal with traffic jams.  Commissioner Ted Davis had proposed putting a hold on all new building permits in the area, until the northern outer loop opens next summer. That's expected to ease the congestion on Market Street.

But the commissioners rejected Davis's idea, worried putting a proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter and other projects on hold, would open up the county to lawsuits.

"For us to stop them now, we would have been sued, on something that's legal to do, like it or not," says Commissioner Bill Caster.

Davis is disappointed, but still says something needs to be done.

"We just can't exacerbating the problem that we've already got and that's what we're doing ever time we go on Market Street until we put more infrastructure until we reduce that traffic impact," says Davis

Now that the moratorium idea has been rejected, county commissioners say they will ask tough questions about any traffic impact major projects may have.

"You can guarantee on anything else that comes up on Market Street, I will definitely as that question, if has not been answered. That's consistent with what I'm trying to do. You know, if it's a major project, I don't see how I can support it," says Davis

Commissioners now say they will work with the state on a land use plan for Market Street.

And the state says it is spending millions to improve the flow of traffic on the roadway.

Reported by: Samuel King