Cadets Prepare to Become Police Officers

JULY 11, 2005 -- Washing the pepper spray out of their eyes, eight police cadets finish what has proved a grueling day of training.

Cadet Amy Perhach says she is nervous and doesn't know what to expect.

The session begins with "take down" maneuvers.

After the eight cadets master a long list of techniques they are tested on how well they perform.

While the moves look like they are based on physical strength, detective Nedly demonstrates how the maneuvers have more to do with pressure points and flexibility. This is why cadets can take down someone twice their size.

Instructor Barry Key said that each week becomes more strenuous for the trainees. He says it becomes a mental challenge for the cadets.

After hitting the mats for a few hours the most painful exercise awaits, the pepper spray.

With the spray in their eyes, the cadets do pushups, and move through an entire exercise before they can wash their faces.

"It cut off the air. I had to think about breathing," says Cadet Jose Ruiz.

Ultimately desire wins, and at the end of the day all eight cadets pass their tests. They are now ready to move on to the next obstacle.

Reported by Ashley Hayes