Wilmington Water Share strives to provide clean drinking water

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A tablet is all Adrian Schlesinger needed to put her goal of providing access to clean drinking water in motion.

Schlesinger co-created the Wilmington Water Share Facebook page following the discovery of GenX in our drinking water.

"When the system goes astray, what can we do?" Schlesinger asked. "Until those things get worked out, we have each other. We can work on the distribution of wealth without a House vote, without a Senate vote, without a bill, without lawyers."

The group is in the early stages of getting the word out. They have taken a red wagon around town, passing out free bottled water with their handmade logos.

"I'm the puller, I'm the lifter, I'm the hander, I'm the labeler. I mean, I do as much as I can for Adrian," Lafyon Donnell, the second member of the team, said. "This is guerilla tactics. This is just going out there and putting it out there so we can develop a system."

Schlesinger is searching for more volunteers as her chronic illness keeps her in bed on days she planned on passing out free water.

"I only have so much of it. I have to be really choosy about what I do with it," Schlesinger explained.

Schlesinger has myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.), which zaps her energy. Despite this roadblock, Schlesinger said her mission to provide access to clean drinking water will stay the course.

"We can take responsibility for ourselves and do what we believe is right on the level. We can do it," Schlesinger said. "For me, that was this."

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