Buttercup Foundation helps families coping with kids undergoing cancer treatment

Lyndsey Mandley knows what it's like to watch a child die from cancer.

"It's absolutely hard," Mandley said.

Her son, Carter, died just a few weeks after his first birthday last October.

Now, Lyndsey and her husband, Chris, have started an organization called the Buttercup Foundation to help parents traveling the same journey.

"We will be handing out toys. We will also be handing out gift cards to families and patients on the floor," she says.

That floor is the same one at UNC Hospitals where Lyndsey Mandley spent months with her son.

Little Carter died from a metastatic extrarenal rhabdoid tumor, a cancerous one that starts in the kidneys.

Lyndsey says she is now on a mission to help other moms coping with their children's cancer.

"I just want to give them peace of mind to focus on their child and whatever needs need to be met will be taken care of," Lyndsey said.

Lyndsey is also part of a group made up of moms who have kids with cancer.

"The Wilmington Childhood Cancer Mom's Group," Lyndsey said. "It's basically made up moms, but we do have a couple dads on there."

There are close to 50 members, which came as a shock to Lyndsey when she joined. She had no idea there were so many children in this area with cancer.

"I never knew we had this amount of pediatric cancer patients so it was definitely frightening to hear," she said. "But definitely supportive to know that we weren't the only ones going through this at the time."

For more information on the Buttercup Foundation, click here. 

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