WoW! group continues protest against contaminated water

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Women Organizing for Wilmington hit the pavement for the 18th consecutive week Monday for another protest outside City Hall.

"I felt disappointed that our officials hadn't alerted us to the situation in the first place," said Stacey McPherson, referring to GenX contamination in the Cape Fear River. "They knew about it. We're not exactly sure when."

Members of WoW! have protested on various issues each Monday the past five months.

This week they focused on the general lack of response to the public by the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority regarding contamination of the drinking water.

"I think they need to show up to the forums that we're having. They haven't actually given us much of an outlet," McPherson said. "People have been going to the county commissioners forums, the city council forums, but they need to show up to our personal forums, which we've had multiple ones of."

Members talked about their concerns with individual members of CFPUA, possible areas of conflict of interest and the process by which those people are appointed.

GenX is a chemical replacement for a compound used in the production of Teflon products that is linked to cancer and other illnesses. The compound has been found in the Cape Fear River and CFPUA's water supply. CFPUA cannot currently filter it out.

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