Pet groomer gets bottled water for customers

Pet groomer gets bottled water for customers

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Bottled water has been flying off the shelves ever since news of GenX being discharged in the Cape Fear River was made public.

GenX is a contaminant that is still being studied for potential health impacts, but it is similar to other chemical compounds which have been linked to cancer.

In fact, some businesses are even getting bottled water for their customers and clients, including Von Barkee's Dog Spa and Bakery. The pet grooming company recently posted on its Facebook wall it would only serve bottled water to its customers.

"You know, I think because cancer rates in pets are really high, I think that everyone was really alarmed by the whole situation of their water quality," said Nikki Beall, owner of the groomer. "A lot of the clients - these are everybody's kids - we don't want to do things knowingly to put them in harm."

Although GenX has yet to be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Chemours Company voluntarily agreed to stop discharging it in response to public outcry after GenX was discovered in the water.

"I was extremely concerned about the entire situation," Beall said. "I immediately decided that if I was going to be giving my pets water, I didn't want my clients to be without bottled water when they were being groomed."

There are several questions about whether or not it is safe to drink water coming from the Cape Fear River. There is not clear cut answer, but many people aren't taking any chances.

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