CFPUA sends letter to Chemours requesting data and information

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority's environmental counsel sent a letter to Chemours Tuesday afternoon requesting the company identify the chemical compounds for all GenX chemicals as well as all synonyms and acronyms used by Chemours or DuPont for GenX chemicals.

GenX is a chemical replacement for a compound used in the production of Teflon products that is linked to cancer and other illnesses. The compound has been found in the Cape Fear River and CFPUA's water supply. CFPUA cannot currently filter it out.

The letter to Chemours also asks the company to identify:

  • all testing methods known to Chemours or DuPont for identifying the presence of GenX chemicals
  • all products that are or have been manufactured with the assistance of GenX chemicals at the Fayetteville facility
  • whether GenX chemicals have been emitted into the air at the Fayetteville facility, as there is concern the compound could have been introduced into the water supply from this route

CFPUA is also asking Chemours officials to share the methods Chemours currently employs to prevent the discharge of GenX chemicals and any samplings or studies to show how effective the methods are.

The utility company has requested Chemours provide a comprehensive history of "the manufacture, use, processing, treatment, and discharge of GenX Chemicals by Chemours, DuPont, and/or any tenant or affiliated entities discharging through the Fayetteville Facility, including: (i) historical amounts of GenX Chemicals manufactured and used, (ii) historical amounts of discharges of GenX Chemicals, (iii) the waste streams involved in historical discharges, and (iv) water treatment methods utilized for such waste streams."

Additionally, CFPUA asked for all reports, studies and data conducted by, funded by, or in possession of Chemours and/or DuPont that relate to the impacts of GenX chemicals on human or environmental health.

Lastly, Chemours was asked to provide all groundwater and surface water monitoring data that relate in any way to GenX chemicals.

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