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My turn: Celebrating Miss North Carolina 2017

Miss North Carolina 2017 Victoria Huggins (Source: Miss NC) Miss North Carolina 2017 Victoria Huggins (Source: Miss NC)

Pardon this opportunity to brag a little bit about someone who up until this week worked for this television station.  

Victoria Huggins was a morning producer and our traffic reporter for the last year.  She also had an intense interest in pageant competitions and serving the community.

This past weekend, Victoria was crowned Miss North Carolina 2017 and will compete in the Miss America pageant this fall.  Victoria is one of the most sincere and humble persons you could ever meet and all of us here are ecstatic to see her achieve this goal…one she’s had for many years. 

Victoria works with the Children’s Miracle Network hospitals and her platform project is focused on those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

She’s now incredibly busy, so she won’t be able to work with us anymore.  That’s kind of sad…but we’re also very happy that she’s able to take this journey and we look forward to seeing where this ultimately takes her. 

Please join me in congratulating Victoria Huggins, former WECT employee and now Miss North Carolina 2017!   

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Sincere congratulations to Victoria Higgins Miss North Carolina 2017! This is an amazing achievement and even though she does not know us, we were thrilled to see her win this very deserving prize! My daughter was Miss North Carolina Teen America 2015-2016 and we saw Ms Huggins during some of our travels to different appearances. She was always very nice and we enjoyed seeing her on WECT over the last year. When I realized she was competing again this year in this pageant I was really pulling for her success! It is so nice that you honored her hard work with the my turn segment! She is a lot to be proud of! 

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