CFPUA chairman's morning GenX update (6/27/17)

CFPUA chairman's morning GenX update (6/27/17)

News release from CFPUA:

1. The CFPUA Board of Directors held a special meeting yesterday to discuss action items for CFPUA process enhancements following CFPUA's involvement in the NCSU study.

A full list of these recommendations can be found here in yesterday's afternoon update.

CFPUA began to implement the recommendations this morning. The following two enhancements are already underway:

  • CFPUA staff worked with IT to develop a page on the CFPUA web site titled “The Quality of Your Drinking Water.” This webpage will include the following:

- A link to any detects of an unregulated contaminant, regardless of whether it is included on the EPA's UCMR (Unregulated Contaminate Monitoring Rule) list.  Advertise new data so customers are aware.

- A link to a rolling 12-month list of water quality test results for compliance.

- Information about disinfection byproducts, UCMR, source water, FAQs, treatment processes, etc.

- Links to EPA, CDC and other sources of health information.

  • Executive Director Jim Flechtner is beginning to gather a group of health officials and water quality experts that will meet quarterly to review water testing results.

A copy of the CFPUA process review, the presentation from Thursday's Board meeting, and a full timeline of actions taken by CFPUA are available here. The Board continues its commitment to transparency through this process.

CFPUA encourages the public to check our website and social media channels for updates as this continues to unfold. We are committed to transparency, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you through the duration of this process.