CFPUA could pay firm nearly $50K to find GenX treatment options

CFPUA could pay firm nearly $50K to find GenX treatment options
(Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has agreed to pay an engineering firm up to $49,500 to find potential treatment options for an unregulated chemical found in the drinking water.

GenX, a chemical replacement for a compound used in the production of Teflon products that is linked to cancer and other illnesses, has been found in the Cape Fear River and CFPUA's public water supply. CFPUA cannot currently filter it out.

Representatives from the firm, Black & Veatch, met with CFPUA staff last week at the company's Sweeney Water Plant to gather information prior to the official agreement.

According to the contract, the firm will submit its initial list of potential treatment alternatives by July 14, which will then be discussed in a workshop with CFPUA to select methods for additional evaluation.

The proposed treatment options listed in the contract include granular activated carbon (GAC, ion exchange resin (IX), and reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membrane.

Following the workshop, Black & Veatch will assist CFPUA with initial testing, which is anticipated to consist of small scale columns for testing GAC media and/or IX resin. CFPUA will be responsible for buying or renting materials used in the tests, along with lab/analytical feels the contract states.

The firm will then develop implementation strategies for the more promising treatment alternatives, expected to be submitted by late August, and hold another workshop with CFPUA to discuss any future action items.

Any additional services requested by CFPUA not already specified in the contract, including implementing any treatment alternative, would require a negotiated amendment to the agreement.

In a separate agreement signed last week, CFPUA agreed to pay Eckel & Vaughan, a Raleigh-based public relations firm, up to $25,000 for strategic communications services.

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