Real estate companies feel effects of GenX scare

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Todd Turner of River Town Realty in Wilmington has been around the block. His firm has been in business for over 10 years, serving the southeastern North Carolina area in both real estate sales and rentals.

"We have a great community. Southeastern North Carolina is one dynamite place to live," Turner said.

But lately, calls coming into his office have gone from inquiring about a future home to concern over the GenX issue in our area.

"A number of folks have been calling in and asking if this water quality issue that we are facing is going to hurt their family when they move here," Turner said. "They want to know if there families health is at risk and rightfully so."

Beyond that, several of his short-term rentals have pulled out of their lease or weekend stay as they are fearful to come to the area and drink the water.

"It is very disconcerting," Turner said. "When folks are booked for our properties for just a weekend or a week and suddenly they call before they come and decide to cancel, I mean, yes, that's a huge problem for us."

Before GenX, Turner said prospective clients' main concern was crime in the area. He never thought a water quality issue would trump that.

Turner is remaining positive. Even though he has lost several deals, and renters have moved on, he feels this issue will be resolved just as quickly as it arose.

"I'm inclined to think we will work this out in a short time and it will be in our rear view mirror before we all know it," Turner said. "If I was a buyer or renter, I would not allow this water quality concern to prevent folks from moving to our region."

WECT checked in with other real estate agencies across Wilmington. Some have not fielded any concerns about GenX, but other companies said they have actually lost deals that were under contract.

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