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My turn: Things seen around that shouldn't have been

You can title today’s segment “things seen around town that shouldn’t have been.”  

I’ll pick on the North Carolina Department of Transportation first.

This board has been causing many drivers to bob and weave for over a week as they make their way along Highway 74/76 from Leland to Wilmington.  It is not only unsightly, it is unsafe.

And while we’re talking about the DOT, how about this?  Grammar is not my specialty.  In fact, I had to do remedial work during the summer following 10th grade English class.  But come on folks, do we really need to be displaying bad grammar on big signs?  I think not.

And then there’s this. I saw it on our news earlier this week. The scene is a protest about GenX, a possible carcinogen, in the drinking water here.  

It caused a huge disconnect for me as I find the efforts here somewhat disingenuous when a member of that group is holding his sign with one hand and smoking a cigarette with the other.  I can’t imagine why someone in the group didn’t say, “Hey buddy, that’s not helping our message here.”

That’s my turn.  Now it’s your turn to share anything you’ve seen around town that shouldn’t have been.  Email it to me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The reason the sign says 1 Miles Ahead they use the same sign to say 12 miles ahead two miles ahead three miles 1800 Miles Ahead and yes they could block out the s for the one mile . But today we are considered to be politically correct on everything Common Sense does not apply anymore


I am a traffic control foreman (not for the NCDOT). I was watching your segment where you showed a type three barricade that read "road closed 1 miles." The numbers are changeable but the words are not. Is it feasible to waste tax money (your money, my money) on signs over a minor grammactic error? Though I support holding the NCDOT accountable for unsafe or foolish decision, I feel your use of powerful resources on this trivial, and possible laughable, error very nitpicky. What about the dangerous erosion on 421 under the 140 overpass? What about the dangerous holes on the exit from 140 to Castle Hayne? Thank you for reading this.


You decided to shame someone fighting for clean water on television because they have an addiction to cigarettes, something that is legal if you are over the age of 18. Cigarettes were glorified for years and years in this country and many many people started and now would love to stop but can't. At least he knew and made the decision himself to put it into his body, that is completely different than being poisoned by a company unknowingly because they are dumping in our water supply. You should be ashamed of yourself. WECT wouldn't have anything to report on if y'all didn't shame people constantly! Addiction of any kind is a mental issue that needs to be addressed for the rest of your life, like depression. I quit smoking 2 years ago and I still get cravings, especially in stressful situations! You are way wrong on this one and I for one think you owe that man an apology! 


I am with you on your comments today concerning DOT.  How embarressing...Thank you for speaking out.

I always agree with you but have never responded.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


Hello, my name is Carrie Phelps. I am a Wilmington resident. I have a comment regarding the DOT sign you referenced with bad grammar. I would like to point out that was trivial in comparison to several things I have seen on the evening news on WECT lately.  The first was a few weeks back when the anchors were talking about a Colonel, I think at Camp Lejeune, on the screen the word Colonel was spelled Kurnal. Next was a week or so later, and I apologize but I can't remember exactly what the word was on the screen, it was a common word and two letters were transposed. It was something like the word standard and it was spelled stadnard on the screen. Then, third when speaking on the GenX issue, the word contamination was spelled containimation on the screen.  So with all that being said, then yes I do agree with you, it is embarrassing for Wilmington residents, not to mention those visiting our area, to see such blatant "bad grammar"...most especially while watching the local news.

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