City Council calls for public Chemours meeting

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington residents have questions about GenX, and the City Council passed a resolution Tuesday night demanding answers.

The City Council's resolution calls for a public meeting in Wilmington by the end of July during which The Chemours Company is asked to address citizens' questions about GenX, an unregulated chemical that has been discharged into the Cape Fear River.

In an emailed copy of the resolution sent Tuesday night, the City Council also asks for an immediate end to the discharge of the chemical. Chemours said in a news release Tuesday afternoon that beginning Wednesday it will remove all wastewater containing GenX from its Fayetteville plant.

Many in the crowd planned on asking the council to demand Chemours stop dumping the chemical. Even after the news broke, many still felt there was a lot more to learn about the chemical.

"We know that GenX has been dumped into our water for a while and the public was completely unaware of that," said Ann Hermann.

Hundreds came to the meeting dressed in red to show solidarity for their cause. They applauded and cheered loudly as several people took to the podium to demand more be done to regulate Chemours.

Jon Stefanelli's daughter has a rare form of kidney cancer. Something he believes could have been caused by GenX. He and several other parents of children with cancer are now looking to the future.

"The damage has been done up to this point," he said. "I guess moving forward seeing what else we can do. We have to make sure that nothing like this happens again In the future. We have to protect our community, especially our kids."

Hermann hopes that authorities will ensure no more harm comes to Wilmington residents.

"Safe drinking water is all that we want," said Hermann. "We want  CFPUA to ensure the safety of our water, to clean up the toxins that are already there and to ensure that it is safe for our kids to drink."

Additionally, Chemours is asked by City Council to disclose all data related to GenX and other chemical discharge into area waterways. The council is also requesting that the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority review its processes for receiving and responding to information on new pollutants in the water supply.

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