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My turn: Mickelson trades in US Open for daughter's graduation

Phil Mickelson at the Wells Fargo tournament in May. (Source: WECT) Phil Mickelson at the Wells Fargo tournament in May. (Source: WECT)

Not many people make national headlines for choosing to attend their child’s graduation ceremony.  

But when you’re a world class athlete like Phil Mickelson, it happens.  

The pro golfer withdrew from the US Open last week after he realized his participation would force him to miss his daughter’s big day. The twist here is that the US Open is the only one of the “majors” he has yet to win in his otherwise stellar career.  

This is his job. And sometimes job duties force you to make tough decisions. But this one appeared to be a no-brainer and it makes me respect him even more than I already do.

We saw Mickelson’s incredible generosity during the Wells Fargo tournament in May when he gave some of his time to meet with a child suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the same ailment he battles.

Time runs out on even the best of golfers.  He won’t have endless chances to win a US Open.  But these are choices that should be celebrated and held up as great examples.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Enjoyed the commentary tonight about Phil Michelson skipping the US Open to attend his daughters graduation. Just more  proof that he is a true Class Act!!


Just wanted to say thank you for your comments regarding Phils decision to attend his daughters graduation. It was very refreshing to have people recognize and provide positive reporting that will hopefully reach those who are struggling with family priorities vs. career. Thanks again


Just want you to know I most always agree with your news spots.  Tonite I was especially agree. I am so proud of Phil letting people know that family is more important than any golf tournament even the US open. 

Thanks for all your reporting. You do a wonderful job. I always look forward to You turn My turn.


Hi Gary.... I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your thoughtful commentary on Phil Mickelson dropping out of the U.S. Open.

In today's environment, it seems like so many professional athletes are caught up in a "me first" attitude. It's refreshing to see that Phil has his priorities in order. Yes, he's rich, won't miss the money like I would, but still put that un-won major on the back burner for a family first event. He's never won this one and is not getting any younger.

He's a fan favorite for not only his golf skills but for such acts as this. 

Thanks for recognizing that publicly. Keep up the good work and take care!


Just want to say how pleased and happy I was to hear your comment about Phil Mickelson missing the US Open.  He is my favorite PGA player and I was so proud of him making that decision !!  Thank you for honoring him for his decision !!  He deserves to be recognized !!!

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