Lockwood Folly Country Club continues to make improvements

SUPPLY, NC (WECT) - Golf courses are often making improvements, but it wasn't just a matter of trying to keep up with the Joneses for the Lockwood Folly Country Club.

Head golf professional Eric Morgan said it was much more.

"This is our lifeblood," Morgan said. "It felt like we were on a race to the bottom."

Work had to be done, and that started a year ago with the installation of new greens.

The course was shut down during June, July, and August, three prime golf months.

"It was a little tough for us financially," Morgan said. "But it was one that we had planned for, we set dollars aside for, and it was the right decision to make."

That wasn't the only work being done on the course.

At the same time, a new 14,000-square foot clubhouse was being built.

"The clubhouse took longer than what we had anticipated for it to get here, but we were pleasantly surprised when it got here," Morgan said.

The renovations have now made Lockwood Folly not only a course with beautiful views, but also a destination for events.

"We have been booked out solid for weddings, banquets," Morgan said. "Some of our local hospitals had their banquets here. Tournaments have been fantastic."

There are plans for more work to be done. Morgan says he wants to make the course more playable so it's easier to break 100 but harder to break 75.

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